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A Whole Body Experience

OUR T3 Private Community

Wellness isn't based off of a quick fix regiment. 

Any diet program with pills or powders alone,

Will not give you what we pride ourselves on in our private T3 community.

Find the NEW YOU and keep it that way.

What We Offer In T3

*Access To Qualified Specialists

*A Whole Body Approach

*Mindset * Body * Health

*Customized Exercises

*A Fun Supportive Enviornment

What Is The T3 Method?


It's a whole new experience to a better you, inside and out. It's not a quick fix, a diet program for purchase, or any of those fancy pills or powders. It's a revolutionary WHOLE body approach to become your best. 

2017 is the year our T3 Community is adding a massive edge to our already focused community, we'll tell you more about that below! 

The T3 Method is not a weight loss program. 

Now we completely understand that’s what brings people into places like ours. After all, a significant part of the developed world is overweight. 30-37 percent, depending on whose statistic you look at. 

That’s too much. With all the choices we have available to us, that’s way too much. 

And it’s not getting better, even with the movement toward “healthy eating.” 

So yes, it’s a problem. And it needs to be fixed. 

And a bunch of peeps in the T3 Community have lost weight. Some have lost over 50 pounds! 

But that’s our secret… 

It’s not a weight loss program. 

When we say Total Transformation Training, we mean total. 

And in many cases, spiritual and even financial. 

Physical, mental, and emotional. 

Wellness is a tapestry. When you pull on one part of it, it impacts the whole thing. 

If any part of your life is out of balance, you run the risk of having other aspects fall apart. 

The good news is that healing in any one part tends to promote confidence. 

So someone who drops ten pounds gets enough confidence to ask for a raise. 

Someone who puts on a healthy layer of muscle finds the strength to have a difficult conversation with a loved one. 

Someone who has more energy during the day gets up the nerve to ask that special someone on a date. 

Total Transformation. 

You never know where it’s going to start. 

Yeah…it’s a secret. 

One we love letting out of the bag! 

Start somewhere! 

If it’s with your weight, your strength, your health…we’ve got you covered. 

And we don’t stop there. 

When we say total, we mean TOTAL! 

Nutrition * Mindset * Customized Exercises *One On One Access To Our Qualified Specialists * Live Calls 

You may have heard we have a bunch of highly qualified people who guide are awesome monsters on the right track.

YES... we are all people who have lived life, had experiences, but we have more than that, including an Exercise Physiologist, Self taught Dietician, A Doctor and A Certified Counselor. That full spread is going to give you the best on your body, day in and day out!

There are also people in our community who have broken through from our program.

SHHH.... Those are going to be special segments for you later on!

We won't promise cures or major life changes because we can't, but you will see that many of our crew have experienced just that!

Our T3 Community

We decided to build a community of people who were ready for change from the inside out. 

Change in our emotions. 

In our self worth. 

In our relationships, if necessary. 

In our habits. 

And from then, changes in how we eat, how we move, how we conduct ourselves day in and day out. 

And that would be how we create long term success in weight loss. 

And help people find a place where they felt honored, and safe, and even loved. 

Not a sexy message. No pills. No wraps. No shakes or bars. No magic exercise machines or moves. 

Though when our minds and hearts are right, those can be great tools in achieving our goals. 

We pride ourselves on honesty and giving the best experience possible.

You will find that our T3 Private Community is a very supportive, safe enviornment.

We’ll never be the biggest kid on the block. 

We don’t want to be. 

We’ll get more members. 

And we’ll continue to give our all to the members we have. 

And they’ll give their all to us. 

And we will form some great partnerships with people and organizations who add real value to people’s lives.