This Brand New Summer Strategy Course Will Explode Your Numbers, Profit And Confidence.

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For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee A Day, You Can Change Your Income And Life.  


How would you like your own All Star Team of trainers?  

I'm Larry Hochman, And I can talk to you all day about confidence and success, 

I've been doing that for more than 25 years.


Being a certified counselor whose helped many home business players break through,

I know just why you haven't broken through, and I'll get to that in a minute. 

This summer we are doing something different, FOR YOU.

We're bringing different specialties who've done the deal,

to an accessible private community, an ALL STAR summer game changer!  

RELEASE THE HOUNDS course begins Monday July 10.  

Six weeks of support, Monday - Friday 

Rock Stars who've done it, helping you get where you want to go.  

Not just any help.  

This is who is booked to train you for success...

Joel Comm The producer and host of "The Next Internet Millionaire" and inventor of the wildly popular "iFart" app. He's also an internationally sought after keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling author of Twitter Power 2.0 and too many other books to mention.

Master Sergeant Bruce Billouin, United States Army. 

"Sergeant Bruce" has been a professional recruiter and trainer for the Connecticut National Guard for the past 12 years. He has recruited and trained young men and women with an open heart and an iron will. As a commander he has also "trained the trainers."

Lori Ruff 

Founder of Integrated Alliances and Chief Brand Officer at ALPFA. 

Listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the ten most influential women Magazine as one of the ten most influential women in social media.

Steve Krivda 

One of the home business world's up and coming trainers. Steve is top one percent at My Lead System Pro and is a certified trainer through the John Maxwell system. Steve took the leap and left his construction career to work from home. operates his home business around (and with) his wife, Danielle and two sons.

Kellie Kuecha 

Founder of Soul Magic and Wild And Free Women.  

Kellie has developed a seven figure online income in network marketing, while delivering her own powerful series of workshops focusing on women's empowerment, and has done so around being a devoted wife and stay at home mom.

Lisa Kitter 

Founder of Stiletto Marketing and internationally sought after trainer in network marketing. Lisa has built multi thousand team organizations and six and seven figure incomes since 1985.  

And of course, Julie Dwyer My partner in Release The Hounds.  

Stay at home mom, master recruiter and the eyes, ears and conscience of the home business industry.  

We're working on adding more trainers as we go along.  

Here’s the thing…  

Time doesn’t care.  

The marketplace doesn’t care.  

The economy doesn’t care.  

Your love life doesn’t care.  

Your scale doesn’t care.  

Your blood pressure doesn’t care.  

Your pants size doesn’t care.  

Yes, hope springs eternal.  

There has always been a tomorrow for you.  

One day there won’t be.  

The quality of your life is NOW.  

What you feel, what you experience, what you’re willing to tolerate…  

The embarrassment and discomfort you’re experiencing…  

Your desire. your vision for something better…  

Those can be things for this time of year.  

We have a way to make that happen this summer with your very own  

ALL STAR LINE UP , Some major powerhouses, ready to show you how they did it.  

And Julie and me pulling it all together and helping you put it into practice.  

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can change your income and life.  

This is the training that will help you get from "Wish I could" to "Yes I can" to "Hell yeah, I did!"  

I'm not going to give away any secrets of our R.T.H. trainers. But I'll tell you one thing...  

Every single one of them is an all star. They were just as unsure, unconfident disappointed and scared as you have been...and may be now.  

Each one has a story about how they broke through.  

And their story can easily be your story...if you let it.